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In 1908 two burglars stole a set of silverware from the sideboard in Mark Twain’s house. In response, he posted this message on his front door:

This 1961 ad for a children’s front seat car belt shows just how far car safety has come over the years!

17 vintage photographs of Heinkel Kabine bubble cars in the 1950s.

These candid backstage Polaroids were taken by an unknown fan of Jimi Hendrix at the 1969 Woodstock. Hendrix performed early Monday morning so this would have been the last day of the festival – August 17, 1969.

The Belle – The amphibious motorcycle sidecar from the 1960s that we want today.

20 baby car seats from the mid-20th century moms wouldn’t buy today.

“The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables” – 1975 educational film on sex education for mentally handicapped people.

“Golimar” – This Indian version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is definitely not what you expected

Vintage photos of two-faced German microcar Zündapp Janus from the late 1950s.

The Otter: The 1950s amphibious caravan that time forgot!