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Girl and the gangster of the Brooklyn gang, NYC, 1959. Photographed by Bruce Davidson.

Domino players, North London pub, 1935. Photographed by Bill Brandt.

Cheap gambling casino in Havana, Cuba, 1958. Photographed by Francis Miller.

Café de Flore, Paris, 1953. Photographed by Édouard Boubat.

Bargain hunters at Ohrbach’s store in New York, January 1, 1953. Photographed by Yale Joel.

Making faces, 1930s.

Swimming lessons, 1930. Photographed by François Kollar.

People dancing to the music of orchestra on stage of Covent Garden Opera House after its conversion to a nightclub during wartime (WWII).

“The DogHouse,” Reno, Nevada, 1946.

Ravaging kiss, 1900s.