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Americans are now most likely to have met their romantic partners online, which was of course impossible just a few decades ago. They are also taking longer to move in together, and to marry, than ever before.

From 1914 to 2005. Or, from World War I through the Invasion of Iraq

Athletes in ancient Greece smeared olive oil on their bodies before a competition. The oil made their skin more supple and made them appear, as classical writers described, “like gleaming statues of the gods.”

In Chinese superstition, a chestnut dangling from a branch provokes fear. The character for “lì” means both “chestnut” and “afraid, trembling.”

The movie, Titanic, cost more to make than the ocean liner Titanic.

Aftershocks from Hawaii Island’s largest earthquake, in 1868, continue to the present day.

It was estimated to be a 7.9 on the Richter scale and the earthquake and resulting tsunami caused 77 deaths.

Ritual axe decorated with skulls and crown motifs. The handle and axehead are glass, and the rest is gilded bronze. The axe was likely to cut through delusions or sever psychological attachments to the worldly life, allowing one to spiritually evolve.

From the town of Derge in the Kham region (today’s Tibet). 1500s – 1600s CE.