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Jewish veteran of the Soviet Union – honourabl…

Jewish veteran of the Soviet Union – honourably discharged – arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel; 1992

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Ethiopian Jews airlifted to Israel as part of …

Ethiopian Jews airlifted to Israel as part of Operation Solomon, arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel; 1991

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Tzipora Tzabari, winner of Israel’s Quee…

Tzipora Tzabari, winner of Israel’s Queen Esther beauty pageant

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16-year-old Tzipora Tzabari was born in Yemen.

This poor girl from a Yemenite neighborhood became famous in town. She began acting and modelling. Every journalist wanted to write her story and take her picture. Her story was being told in every paper:

Tzipora, the first Yemenite Queen Esther leaves for Europe in search of fame. She lived in Berlin before WW2 and found herself in the same social circle with stars like Marlene Dietrich. After jumping through numerous hoops (acting jobs in Germany were in short supply for an actress with such dark skin), she left that world to join the circus. In the 70’s, she moved back to Israel, living anonymously in the Yemenite quarter of Tel Aviv.

She passed away in 1994. On her tombstone it’s written: ‘Tzipora Tzabari – The lady that Mayor Dizengoff called Queen Esther’.

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Vietnamese Refugees in transit to the arrivals…

Vietnamese Refugees in transit to the arrivals terminal, Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel; 1977

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The Syrian Civil War: Every Day

From March 2011, to March 2018.

Haganah Dispatch Rider, Drora Harehuveni, Isra…

Haganah Dispatch Rider, Drora Harehuveni, Israel; 1948

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Husband and wife separated upon deportation in…

Husband and wife separated upon deportation in 1941, reunited in Haifa, Israel; 1946

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MAGDALA, known as Migdal in Hebrew (מִגְדָּל: tower) and also as Taricheae (Ταριχέα, from the Greek Τάριχος or tarichos: preserved by salting or drying fish), was an important fishing town during the first century CE on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee and below Mount Arbel. According to biblical references, it was the hometown of Mary Magdalene and historical sources such as Flavio Josephus, Strabo, Pliny the Edler, Cicero, and Suetonius mention the importance of this town because of its excellent salted fish and important Roman markets.

Magdala Taricheae is located in the Lower Galilee, a region in the north of Israel. Galilee is divided into Upper and Lower Galilee, Upper Galilee is to the north of Israel, currently on the border with Lebanon. It is a mountainous and forested area. During the first century CE, the settlements of Meron, Gush Halay, Nabratein, Gamla, Hazor, Zefat were developed.

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Why Do We Have A Seven-Day Week?

The seven-day week has no correspondence to astronomy – unlike the presence of the sun giving us days, or phases of the moon giving us months. Historians generally think the seven-day week was “invented” by Mesopotamians and/or Jews. Both thought the number seven had mystic significance. Sumer had a (mostly) seven-day week system since at least the 21st century BCE. The Jewish weeks may have developed independently or been influenced by their Fertile Crescent neighbors.

From the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa the seven-day week spread around the Old World. The Greeks and Persians adopted the Babylonian system, and fro Persia it spread to India and China in various forms. In Japan, for instance, seven-day weeks were mainly used by specialist astrologers until the 1800s. In Europe, it was officially adopted by the Roman Empire in the 300s CE, but it was already in common use throughout the empire.

Elderly Jewish man sitting on the street after…

Elderly Jewish man sitting on the street after the surrender of Jerusalem, Israel. First Arab–Israeli War, June 1948.

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