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King Haakon VII of Norway. I just love his mustache.

He’s regarded as one of the greatest Norwegians of the twentieth century, he is particularly revered for his courage during the German invasion.

Michael I of Romania

King of Romania (1927-1930, 1940-1947).

Quite handsome, right ?



[Español / English]

1. Imperios / Empires

2. Naciones / Nations

3. Monarcas / Monarchs

4. Militares / Military

5. Historia & Arte / History & Art

6. Autores / Authors


1. Imperios / Empires:

Imperio Romano / Roman Empire

Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico / Holy Roman

Imperio Francés / French Empire

Imperio Austríaco / Austrian Empire [Austrohúngaro / Austro-Hungarian]

Imperio Alemán / German Empire

Imperio Ruso / Russian Empire

Imperio Español / Spanish Empire

Imperio Británico / British Empire

Imperio Turco Otomano / Ottoman Empire


2. Naciones / Nations:


España / Spain

Alemania / Germany [Prusia / Prussia]

Francia / France

Rusia / Russia

Reino Unido / United Kingdom

Estados Unidos / United States

Polonia / Poland

Italia / Italy

Grecia / Greece

Rumanía / Romania




3. Monarcas / Monarchs:

Emperador / Emperor

Rey / King

Carlos V del Sacro Imperio / Charles V of
the Holy Roman Empire (1500-1558)

Felipe II de España / Philip II of Spain (1527-1598)

Federico II de Prusia / Frederick II of
Prussia (1712-1786)

Francisco I de Austria / Francis I of
Austria (1768-1835)

Napoleón I de Francia / Napoleon I of
France (1769-1821)

Federico Guillermo III de Prusia / Frederick
William III of Prussia (1770-1840)

Alejandro I de Rusia / Alexander I of
Russia (1777-1825)

Guillermo I de Alemania / William I of
Germany (1797-1888)

Napoleón III de Francia / Napoleon III of
France (1808-1873)

Francisco José I de Austria / Francis
Joseph I of Austria (1830-1916)

Federico III de Alemania / Frederick III of
Germany (1831-1888)

Guillermo II de Alemania / William II of
Germany (1859-1941)

Jorge V del Reino Unido / George V of the
United Kingdom (1865-1936)

Nicolás II de Rusia / Nicholas II of Russia


4. Militares / Military:

Mariscal / Marshal


5. Historia & Arte / History & Art:

Casco / Helmet

Bandera / Flag

Heráldica / Heraldry

Medalla / Medal

  –Cruz de hierro / Iron

Edificio / Building

Mapa / Map

Uniforme / Uniform

  –Grande Armée de
Hippolyte Bellangé

  –Preussische Uniformen
nach Jügel Wolf 1813-1817

  –Lansquenete /

  –Ejército de
Prusia / Prussian Army (Alexis Cabaret)

Música / Music

Corona / Crown


Efemérides / Ephemeris

Humor / Humour

Automóvil / Car


6. Autores / Authors:

Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau Nieto (1964- )

Jan Alojzy Matejko (1838-1893)

Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-1873)

Thomas Cole (1801-1848)

George Dawe (1781-1829)



Ananda Mahidol: The mysterious death of a King.

King’s African Rifles Posing With a Captured Japanese Flag on the Burmese Front, WW2

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is attacked by States Rights Party member Jimmy Robinson as King tries to register at the Hotel Albert in Selma, Alabama, on January 18, 1965.

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Martin Luther King, Jr., pulls up cross that was burned on lawn of his home, as his son stands next to him, Atlanta, Georgia. 1960.

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Source page. Unfortunately, the LoC doesn’t have this image digitized, so this is the highest resolution I could find.


Rey Alfonso XIII de España
Rex Alphonsus XIII Hispaniae
König Alfons XIII. von Spanien
King Alphons XIII of Spain
Roi Alphonse XIII d’Espagne

Georges Bertin Scott de Plagnolle (1873-1943), 1923.

Soldiers stand near ruined buildings in Washington D.C. during the Martin Luther King assassination riots, 1968.

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Rey Jorge III del Reino Unido
Rex Georgius III Britanniarum Regni
König Georg III. des Vereinigten Königreiches
King George III of the United Kingdom
Roi George III du Royaume-Uni

William Beechey (1753-1839)