Category: ladies

A trio of fashion models poses in brocade, velvet, and lame ’theater suits’ in the entryway of the Lunt-Fontanne Theater, New York, 1958. Photo by Gordon Parks-LIFE.

Old ladies in the sunshine, New York, 1984. Photographed by Frank Horvat.

Tennis players, 1900s.

Santa Monica, California, 1920s.

Members of a coffee club in Morrisonville, Illinois, 1910.

Ministry of Information dispatch riders on their motorcycles, circa 1940.

Checkers in rocking chairs, 1900s.

Tourists peering over a cliff into the Grand Canyon, 1880.

3 ladies in photo booth, 1950s.

Nannies pushing prams in Hyde Park alongside the Rotten Row, London, 1936.