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Silhouettes of father and sons on a bayou in Louisiana, circa 1950. Photographed by Ivan Dmitri.

City prison, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1963. Photography by Leonard Freed.

The Times, Shreveport, Louisiana, August 16, 1921

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The Richland Beacon-News, Louisiana, February 8, 1936

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The Royal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1930s.

Reverend Carter, expecting a visit from the Klan after he has dared to register to vote, stands guard on his front porch, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, c. 1964 – Photograph by Bob Adelman.

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The Jennings Daily Times-Record, Louisiana, December 18, 1909

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Former slave named Gordon shows his whipping scars. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1863

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The Times, Shreveport, Louisiana, November 5, 1954

Denham Springs News, Louisiana, February 19, 1916