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The day Zorita and her snake slowed traffic to a crawl in downtown Miami, 1939

Snake House, Miami, Florida, 1954. Photographed by Berenice Abbott.

‘Stiltsville’ is a neighborhood of 7 oceanic houses built on huge stilts near Miami, Florida

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Here’s an updated view of Stiltsville made by some French filmmakers within the past year:

Watching the boat races, Palm Beach, Miami in 1906.

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Detroit Publishing Co. Original for comparison.

Some locals are enjoying a sunny afternoon by Whitehall mansion, watching the regattas race on the water!

This building still stands today and has been made into a museum. It seems to have gorgeous, turn-of-the-century interiors. The large Kenan pavilion has an old train car inside it.

Here’s as close I could get to the house in Street maps. You can see we are on the right side of the house like in the photo, but the people were sitting on the edge of the water, and it seems off limits today unless you live in the residential buildings nearby. I wish we could get a photo with the same point of view.

Close-up of people in front. A family seem to have come out together. The gentleman, perhaps the girl’s father, looks suave with his walking stick.

The men behind seem to be cheering on the boats, smoking and talking.

Close-up of people in the back. The ladies have brought parasols, a must-have accessory if you were out and about in the 1900s! Especially in the tropical heat of Florida.

Two boys, maybe brothers, are sitting together and watch the races unfold in front of them. One is brave enough to sit in the little boat. Or maybe it’s their own boat, and they rowed there to get as good view of the race as possible!

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31 beautiful snaps show what Miami, Florida looked like in the early 1980s.

Miami, Florida 1908

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The Miami News, Florida, September 29, 1961

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Al Capone after his arrest for vagrancy in Miami, 1930. Colourised.

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The Beachfront at Miami Beach, Florida, 1939, photographed by Marion Post Wolcott.

The Miami News, Florida, June 1, 1939