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Markets in the Mellah of Fez, Morocco; 1894

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The photographer who took the picture above in the Jewish Quarter, also took these:

The Mellah from outside the walls; Another alleyway; Yet another alleyway;

As always, be safe and blessed, my friends.

Publicity photo of Marlene Dietrich for ‘Morocco’ by Eugene R. Richee, 1933.

Wool dying, Morocco, 1984. Photographed by Bruno Barbey.

Morocco, Atlas; Rif Mountains. Photo by Harry Gruyaert. 1976.

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37 color snapshots that document everyday life of Morocco in 1960.

Spanish Colonial troops near Rudia-El-Uta, the Rif, Morocco, June 1914.

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The Moroccan tradition of Fantasia is a stylized reenactment of a wartime cavalry charge. If done perfectly, a group of horsemen charge in unison, then shoot their muskets at precisely the same time. The audience should hear only one sound. (For those worried, the guns are loaded only with gunpowder, no bullets.)

Also known as lab al baroud (Arabic for “gunpowder game”) or Tbourida, it is practiced in a couple of North African countries and dates back to the 700s CE. During the Islamic Golden Age, only the cavalry charge was practiced. Around the 1200s, the now-traditional musket firing was added.

Used to intimidate enemies or impress visitors, the stylized war game would be performed before sultans and kings as well as at local events, like festivals.

Today, Fantasia competitions happen at weddings and the harvest festival. It is practiced by both Arab and Berber communities. And, increasingly, by women. Making Fantasia a sort of unifying national sport in Morocco.

Remains of the Alcántara Cavalry Regiment, one of the few Spanish units to maintain discipline during the Battle of Annual, all but wiped out in a final suicidal charge to defend the retreating Spanish forces, Annual, Morocco, c. 1921-1922

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On July 22, 1921 the Alcántara Regiment numbered 691 men. By the end of the retreat from Annual 541 were dead, 7 injured, and 67 had been taken prisoner.

Lt. Colonel Fernando Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja, commander of the regiment, was awarded the Laureate Cross of Saint Ferdinand, Spain’s highest military honour. Primo de Rivera died less than a month later from gangrene, his arm amputated during the Battle of Annual.

In 2012 the Alcántara Regiment as a whole was awarded the Laureate Cross of Saint Ferdinand.

The first free Muslim in the Americas might have been Anthony Janszoon van Salee. He was Muslim because his father, Jan Janszoon, was a successful Dutch Barbary Corsair who converted to Islam and ended up running a small city-state for pirates in today’s Morocco.

Anthony, his fourth son, for some reason decided to immigrate to Dutch New Amsterdam in 1630. He became quite wealthy in what is today New York, but always remained a Muslim. And he used his position to support other religious minorities – Anthony  once was fined for housing an English Quaker at his home

43 color snapshots that capture everyday life of Morocco in 1974.