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Yeibichai – a female mask – carved by Navajo artist Clitso Dedman (1897-1953). I was not able to find much clear information on Yeibichai online. If anyone knows about their place in the Navajo universe, I would love to hear about it – just message me through tumblr or the website!

Image courtesy of the Indianapolis Museum of Art


Navajo woman on horseback, New Mexico

Photographer: T. Harmon Parkhurst

Date: 1935?

Negative Number: 003207


Group at Navajo Church Rock, New Mexico

Photographer: J.R. Riddle

Date: 1886 – 1888?

Negative Number: 076136


Portrait of Navajo man, “Juan the Trailer”

Photographer: Ben Wittick
Date: 1880 – 1890?
Negative Number 015948


Navajo group with Lieutenant Wright at Fort Defiance

Photographer: Henry T. Hiester
Date: ca. 1872 – 1878?
Negative Number 038035


“Best Dressed Navajos” and Oliver LaFarge, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial, Gallup, New Mexico

Creator: Mullarky
Date: 1934
Negative Number 134801


Navajo women weaving

Negative Number: 127458


Navajo sandpainting decorations in the lobby of the El Navajo Hotel, Gallup, New Mexico

Creator: Fred Harvey
Date: 1920?
Negative Number: 052154


Largo, Scout with Captain Rogers in Apache Campaign of 1886

Photographer: Ben Wittick
Date: 1886?
Negative Number: 015716

1942: The first 29 Navajo ‘Code Talker’ recruits being sworn in as US Marines at Camp Wingate, NM, before traveling to San Diego.

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