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Newly independent Bangladesh guerrillas use bayonets to torture and kill four men suspected of collaborating with Pakistani militiamen, Dhaka, 1972

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Part of a series of photographs by AP photographers Horst Faas and Michel Laurent

AP photographers Horst Faas and Michel Laurent teamed up on 18 December 1972 in Bangladesh, one day after the Pakistani army surrendered. Together, they covered the victims of revenge murders and celebrating Bengalis. Later that day, Horst Faas recalled in Editor & Publisher of 1 January 1972, he and Laurent and other foreign correspondents attended a policital rally at the Dhaka race track where they stumbled upon the abuse and subsequent killing of four alledged collaborators. Being among the very few foreign journalists witnessing the incident, Faas and Laurent decided to pool their photos together, and later, they also shared the World Press Photo award and the Pulitzer Prize.

Newly liberated female inmates at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp cheerfully collect their bread rations from one of the five camp cookhouses. April, 1945.

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