Category: night

View outside Leon and Eddie nightclub at 33 West 52nd Street, New York, 1945. Photographed by Andreas Feininger.

A man standing in an illuminated arch and lighting a cigarette at Bredgränd in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, 1949. Photographed by K.W. Gullers.

Nighttime Coffee, London, 1952. Photographed by Charles Hewitt.

San Francisco, 1953. Photographed by Fred Lyon.

Downtown section of Dallas, Texas at night, 1942.

Evening at the Le Monocle, ca. 1932. Photo by Brassaï.

Paramount Building in Times Square, New York City, 1936.

Embrace, Paris, 1934. Photographed by Fred Stein.

Times Square, January 13, 1937.

Hastings, Vancouver, 1954

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