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North Carolina, 1950. Photographed by Elliott Erwitt.

Country store in North Carolina, 1939

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Dorothy Counts the first black student at Harry Harding High School, Charlotte, North Carolina, walking to school, 4th September 1957

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Duke’s Mayonnaise jars assembled in a display at Cozart’s grocery store in Greenville, North Carolina, 1965

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Members of the Klan march through Salisbury, North Carolina, 1964

Corner store, Durham, North Carolina, 1940

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Photo by Jack Delano.

Members of the Klan march through Salisbury, North Carolina, 1964.

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Undetonaded four megaton Mark 39 thermonuclear bomb, with its parachute still attached, after it was accidently dropped from a breaking apart B-52 bomber over Goldsboro, North Carolina, in January 24, 1961.

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The Progressive Farmer, Raleigh, North Carolina, June 2, 1917

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President John F. Kennedy talks to three officers of the 82nd Airborne Division during his visit to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, 12 October 1961 [1010 x 1021]