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A girl on her bike in Norway, July 1946. Photographed by Ivan Dmitri.

King Haakon VII of Norway. I just love his mustache.

He’s regarded as one of the greatest Norwegians of the twentieth century, he is particularly revered for his courage during the German invasion.

Milkmaid’s day off: The story behind the Norway’s all-time best-selling postcard.

The Bøyabreen glacier in Norway, circa 1900s

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Ice block carving in Norway, 1903.

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Ice block production in Norway, 1903. These were exported to the world, especially Great Britain, for food refrigeration.

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From the National Library of Norway – images are in public domain.

As a side note – did you know that 7-Eleven was founded as an ice carving company?

German soldier, somewhere in Norway, 1941-1944

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A new Viking ship burial has been discovered in Norway. Using ground-penetrating radar, archaeologists recently found one of the world’s largest Viking ship graves, resting a mere 0.5 meters beneath a farmer’s field. That’s just 1.5 feet!

The digital visualization reveals a large, possibly well-preserved ship, 20 meters long. And it appears to be embedded in a complex of at least eight other burial mounds, and underneath that lay five longhouses. This is not just one find, but a treasure trove of finds.

But back to the ship. Only three well-preserved Viking ships have been found previously in Norway. And they were all excavated long ago, with the techniques available at the time. That makes this find precious: an intact, very large ship burial found at a time when we have techniques like ground-penetrating radar, soil geochemistry, and radiometric dating. As of right now, no excavations are planned. Archaeologists are concerned about what exposure to the air could do to the site.

German cruiser Admiral Hipper landing troops in Norway, 1940

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A damaged B-17 returns from a mission over Trondheim, Norway.  Note the blackened section of horizontal stabilizer directly behind the damaged engine

The Bøyabreen glacier in Fjærland, Norway, 1900.

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