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Ginger Rogers painted by George Cattermole, 1937

 Kelemen Mikes was a Transylvanian-born Hungar…

 Kelemen Mikes was a Transylvanian-born Hungarian political figure and essayist, noted for his rebellious activities against the Habsburg Monarchy. Mikes is referred to as the “Hungarian Goethe”, made famous by his Letters from Turkey. Mikes went into exile with Ferenc Rákóczi II, last prince of independent Transylvania. After the unsuccessful War of Independence (1703-11), in which he had endeavoured to liberate Hungary and Transylvania from the Habsburgs, the prince and his entourage spent some five years in France before in 1717 going to Turkey at the invitation of Sultan Ahmed III. Some of the party eventually left, but Mikes, like Rákóczi, spent the rest of his life in Turkey.

Learning about him in school, I always thought he’s hot.

Julie D’Aubigny was the most badass bi bitch i…

Julie D’Aubigny was the most badass bi bitch in history. she’s my muse and also i wanna go back in time and make out with her.

General Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornw…

General Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis KG, PC (31 December 1738 – 5 October 1805) is a huge historic crush of mine. He’s also adored by a very good Twitter friend of mine and we affectionately refer to him as “Corny.”
Why do I love Corny so much? Firstly any man wearing 18th century redcoat uniform floats my boat. But I have a thing for older men who are on the chubby side too. 🙂 Corny deserves some love and to be remembered for more than being the British general who lost the American colonies. He was a nice chap too. He fell in love with Jemima Jones and married her in 1768. Read this bio of his life, which details the tragic death of his wife, folks it’s so sad:
This painting of him by John Singleton Copley is my fave. I love how chubby he is here. I like to imagine enjoying a brandy and cigar with him before he gives me the “best of British” in his bedchamber…tally ho!

What Did Vietnam Look Like In The Late 1800s?

This undated manuscript is a lovely example of traditional Chinese and Vietnamese cartography, with some western influences. Named “Comprehensive map of Vietnam’s provinces” (Việt Nam toàn tỉnh dư đồ) it appears to have been painted around 1890.

Most of the map is in traditional Vietnamese and Chinese style. The map does not have a precise scale. It shows Vietnamese provincial organization loosely, with province names enclosed in red in the right places, but with no attempt at provincial borders. Almost every river mouth and estuary is named,

reflecting a traditional Vietnamese view of their land, Non Nước (Mountains and Water). It also has a lovely and traditional pictorial style, with mountains and rivers and even a “gate” at the border between Vietnam and China.

The map’s western elements are scant: the shapes of the Vietnamese coastline is fairly accurate, as is the Mekong River and the lake of Tonle Sap in Cambodia.

“The Battle of Poitiers” Painting by Charles d…

“The Battle of Poitiers” Painting by Charles de Steuben, 1837. Romantically depicts a triumphant Charles Martel facing Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi at the Battle of Tours in 732.

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60 amazing airbrushed style pin-up photos that featured classic…

60 amazing airbrushed style pin-up photos that featured classic beauties in the 1940s.

Ploughing Scene

In this painting by Rosa Bonheur (1822 – 1899) you can feel the noonday sun beating down the animals and the farmer. Bonheur was among the most celebrated painters of animals in the 1800s. She frequently depicted plowing scenes that highlighted her command of animal anatomy, which she studied through dissection.

She was successful in both her homeland of France and in the United States. So successful, in fact, that in 1860, Bonheur purchased the château of By near Paris, where she lived with a menagerie of exotic animals.

50 fun-loving and sexy pin-up girls illustrated by Enoch Bolles…

50 fun-loving and sexy pin-up girls illustrated by Enoch Bolles from the Art Deco era.

Battle of Avay, one of the last battles of the…

Battle of Avay, one of the last battles of the Paraguayan War, Painting by Pedro Américo. 1879

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