Category: photography

U. S. 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, 1957. Photographed by Bert Hardy.

A woman walks her pet chicken up the subway stairs, Paris, France, 1956. Photographed by Nina Leen-LIFE.

Policeman and a child at Danbury State Fair, Danbury, Connecticut, October 1963. Photographed by Ronald Reis.

Intimate photos of Sharon Tate gives her husband Roman Polanski a haircut in 1968.

20 portrait photos of Native American actress Irene Bedard in the 1990s.

Beautiful photos document the European journey of a couple by their Vespa in 1959.

Three teenage boys on a street corner, Liverpool Slums, London, November 1956. Photographed by Thurston Hopkins.

Robert Redford, 1969. Photographed by John Dominis.

A dapper group of young gentlemen at the races, London, May 1926.

24 gorgeous photos show fashion styles of Bianca Jagger in the 1970s.