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The San Francisco Call, California, December 10, 1910

The post Ma and Pa in 1957 appeared first on Yesterday's Print.

Illustration by William Mackay, The Social Comedy, Life Publishing Co., 1902

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, Nebraska, November 4, 1947

The Miami News, Florida, July 8, 1951

The Indianapolis Star, Indiana, April 17, 1962

The Evening News, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, December 11, 1917

The Wilmington Dispatch, North Carolina, October 6, 1916

The Beloit Daily Call, Kansas, April 1, 1919

Punch Magazine, April 1, 1879

Edison’s Telephonoscope (transmits light as well as sound). 

(Every evening, before going to bed, Pater- and Materfamilias set up an electric camera-obscura over their bedroom mantel-piece, and gladden their eyes with the sight of their children at the Antipodes, and converse gaily with them through the wire.).

Paterfamilias (in Wilton Place). “Beatrice, come closer, I want to whisper.” Beatrice (from Ceylon). “Yes, Papa dear.”
Paterfamilias “Who is that charming young lady playing on Charlie’s side?”
Beatrice “She’s just come over from England, Papa. I’ll introduce you to her as soon as the game’s over?”

The Bridgeport Post, Connecticut, July 31, 1958