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Sidney Lowman, 17, arrested in London for stealing a can plus a half pint of milk. This mug shot was taken in Wandsworth Prison in December 1872. Lowman had been sentenced to 6 weeks of hard labor.

City prison, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1963. Photography by Leonard Freed.

The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania, February 12, 1936

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Warden Clyde Malley displays weapons confiscated from inmates, Penitentiary of New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Date: 1976 – 1978?
From The Santa Fe New Mexican collection, Negative Number HP.2014.14.32

1913. Portable prison in Mongolia

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Cell block, New Mexico Territorial Penitentiary, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photographer: Thomas J. Curran
Date: 1893
Negative Number 015206

The Washington Post, Washington DC, January 4, 1916

Vintage photographs reveal the life inside Manchester’s notorious Strangeways Prison in the 1940s.

El Paso Evening Post, Texas, March 14, 1929

Prisoners of the Georgia State Prison during meal hour, United States, 1937

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