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The Gazette, Montreal, Quebec, January 10, 1923

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Charles de Gaulle during a trip to Quebec 1967

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Meech Lake, Quebec, Canada, July 1952.

A beautiful found photo collection of Montreal Expo 1967.

The Gazette, Montreal, Quebec, May 15, 1879

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Enjoying the snowbank, Quebec, Canada, March 1955.

Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill Cody in Montreal, Quebec during Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, 1885.

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The first Canadian horse-mounted unit – and perhaps the first horse-mounted unit from North America – was raised in 1759. Named the Corps de Cavalerie, it was created from 200 local Quebec volunteers by the French leader Montcalm, to help repel the British invasion of Quebec during the Seven Years War.

Canada once tried to import yaks, to get Inuits in northern Quebec herding and farming, and “into mainstream Canadian society”. Basically the idea was to wean Inuit off their hunter-gatherer way of life. And as a side benefit, the yak-importation would cultivate a special relationship with a newly-independent India.

The plan never played out, partially because one of the three test yaks they brought in was sterile!

The Ottawa Journal, Ontario, May 23, 1936