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A month ago (or so) I posted a couple paragraphs on the Dutch city of Rotterdam’s history. It was titled “The Creation of Rotterdam.” Imagine my surprise when I came across this map, showing the physical expansion of Rotterdam’s port. It was truly created, that is to say, built by men.

Dutch soldier taking cover during the battle of Rotterdam, 1940

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Nazi Germany invaded the neutral Netherlands in 1940. With 280,000 vs. 750.000, there was no balance at all. Yet the Germans threatened to bomb the city of Rotterdam. Even though preceding negotiations resulted in a ceasefire, the bombardment took place nonetheless, in conditions which remain controversial, and destroyed almost the entire historic city centre, killing nearly 900 people and making 85,000 others homeless.

The nazis threatened to bomb other cities like Utrecht and Amsterdam if the Dutch Government did not surrender. The Dutch capitulated early the next morning.

Colorized by me [oc], original photo:

Bismarck Tribune, North Dakota, July 6, 1883