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Nikola Tesla was born on this day in 1856. In honor of his 163th birthday, we gathered a list of 12 interesting facts you probably never knew about the inventor.

Here’s the only known photo of Albert Einstein with his energy-mass equation, 1934.

The Tampa Times, Florida, October 15, 1928

Rest in peace Stephen Hawking! (Here’s a picture of a young Hawking at his 1962 graduation from Oxford)

The Lancaster News, South Carolina, November 16, 1907

The Wilmington Morning Star, North Carolina, December 17, 1915

Google Doodle celebrating the birthday of  scientist Eva Ekeblad (1724-1786).

The Swedish scientist brought potatoes, then a greenhouse curiosity, to the people. Eva discovered the starch was humble but mighty – potatoes could be ground into flour or distilled into spirits. Her discovery helped reduce famine in years to come.

For her scientific and delicious work, Eva Ekeblad became the first woman elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1748. She was truly a pioneer – the next woman recognized in those ranks would come 203 years later.

The Evening Herald, Ottawa, Kansas, January 27, 1902

The Kansas City Times, Missouri, April 7, 1921

The Taylor Daily Press, Texas, January 31, 1917