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Sheep herders’ camp and flock of sheep, New Mexico

Photographer: Tyler Dingee
Date: ca. 1920s-1950s?
Negative Number 091824

Sheep shearing, Gotland, Sweden, 1938. Photographed by Gunnar Lundh.

A flock of sheep heading down Piccadilly from Hyde Park to Green Park, London, 1931.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania, October 8, 1939

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Sheep in mountain pasture, New Mexico

Photographer: T. Harmon Parkhurst
Date: 1925 – 1930?
Negative Number 069931

Posing with sheep and monkey. (undated)

A farmer tending his flock, ca. 1906.

The Shepherdess by Marjorie Miller, 1927  

The Tampa Tribune, Florida, July 3, 1939


Five-horned Churro sheep, Carlsbad, New Mexico

Photographer: Robert Nymeyer
Date: 1940
Negative Number 059014