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Ship’s officer with pet dog, posed at ship’s wheel, 1907-1928. Photographed by Samuel J. Hood Studio.

Seaman with a cat and kitten, ca. 1910. Photographed by Samuel J. Hood Studio.

H.M.S. Heliotrope, 1927.

40 incredible photos that show interior of the R.M.S. Mauretania during its launching in 1906.

Ship pier. Venice, Italy, 1958.

Feeding waterfowl, Stockholm, Sweden, 1955.

Passenger on the RMS Asturias, 1925.

Extraordinary running aground in Alaska: Remarkable images of the ‘Princess May’ on the rocks at Lynn, 1910.

Woman farewelling ship passengers, circa 1930.

Ship inspection by Vasileios Hatzis

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