Category: shop

Man looking into novelty shop storefront, San Francisco, 1947. Photographed by Fred Lyon.

Customer at Lobb’s shoe shop, London, 1959. Photographed by Frank Horvat.

Delancy Street, NYC, 1970. Photographed by Camilo José Vergara.

Cool pics that capture inside the ‘60s stores.

Medical shop, Netherlands, 1964. Photographed by Leonard Freed.

The face of Shrewsburys trade: Amazing vintage photographs captured Shropshire shop fronts in 1888.

Boy looking at the store window, NYC, 1900.

“Delicious Coffee. Roasted Daily, Ground Hourly.” 2 High Street, Coventry, UK. 1930s.

Flower shop in Dublin, 1965.

Opening day of a store in Willimantic, Connecticut. (unknown date)