Category: snow

Ingrid Bergman screaming with laughter as she lies splashed with snow by an unseen playmate during her ski vacation at June Lake resort, 1941. Photographed by Bob Landry.

Parkersburg, West Virginia, February 1940.

Boston, 1939.

Cold wave, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1958.

Winter at the Vatican, Rome, Italy, 1958. Photographed by Leonard Freed.

Snow, New York City, 1950. Photographed by Dennis Stock.

Winter kiss under the street light, Amsterdam, 1950s. Photographed by Kees Scherer.

A snowball fight in a school playground in Chiswick, London, January 21, 1958. Photographed by Evening Standard.

Sharing a cigarette under the glowing lamp, Central Park, NYC, 1957.

Snowball fight, 1920s.