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In 1959, Swedish bandy players abandoned the Forsbacka vs Köping game early in the 2nd half, after the ice broke beneath them. (Bandy is a form of hockey with 11 players and a round ball.) The winter had been unusually warm and over 20 bandy games at already been cancelled as most were still being played on frozen lakes. After this season, bandy began shifting towards indoor rinks.

FIFA throws a
World Champions’ Gold Cup

every 50 years. It is open only to countries that have won the Men’s World Cup. The most recent was in 1980, with Uruguay taking the cup, and the next one will be in 2030.

Here’s the crowd at a football (soccer) match in 1920, in England. See how many hatless heads you can count!

Athletes in ancient Greece smeared olive oil on their bodies before a competition. The oil made their skin more supple and made them appear, as classical writers described, “like gleaming statues of the gods.”

As the FIFA women’s world cup comes to an end, here is a map of all countries that have ever qualified for the tournament!

Since the women’s world cup was first held in 1991 there have been eight tournaments countries could have qualified for. Countries that qualified due to being the host are counted.

A little dramatization of how one high school track team walk-on changed the high jump forever.

Inscriptions written in the Cherokee script have been discovered at the head of an underground stream in Alabama’s Manitou Cave. It is the first cave inscription found written in that script. The Cherokee script was a syllabary, which means symbols represented syllables not sounds. Invented by Sequoyah it was officially adopted by the Cherokee Nation in 1825. It was quickly in wide usage, in daily life, in printed materials, and apparently in cave inscriptions!

Jan Simek of the University of Tennessee, scholars from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees, and the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, as well as additional colleagues worked together to understand the cave’s newly-discovered inscriptions. The scholars concluded that the text was written to commemorate a sacred game of stickball played on April 30, 1828. (Stickball is one of the forebearers of modern lacrosse). The rituals conducted before the game are thought to have been presided over by Sequoyah’s son, Richard Guess, whose name appears in an adjoining inscription. A third inscription, reading “I am your grandson,” was found written backwards on the ceiling of the cave.

Also how to stay in power when you’re a military dictator, and American corporate interference in foreign democracies.

American Bowling Congress Championship, Oklahoma, 1976.