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Phillip Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton’s f…

Phillip Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton’s first born died at age 19 in a duel. He was not only beautiful but witty and charming.

I skipped through this amazing Tumblr and I co…

I skipped through this amazing Tumblr and I couldn’t find any submission about Ludwig van Beethoven aww ūüôĀ¬†so I thought I’d include him here.

I’m writing my first novel based on an specific part of his life. This is why I’ve researched Ludwig long and wide and I can’t help having a timeless crush on him! I think the best way to describe him is by sharing some bits of my investigation:

Beethoven was stocky and on the short side, with powerful shoulders. His complexion was brownish, and later a sickly yellow. He was hirsute and the hair on his head grew in thick black, and later gray, tufts of somewhat bristly texture. He had broad hands with short, spatulate fingers. His square face was topped by a rounded and high forehead. His jawbone was muscular and his chin quite prominent, with a pronounced cleft. He had bushy eyebrows, narrow eyelids, and small, piercing brown eyes that either rotated agitatedly upward or glazed into thoughtful stasis. His nose was flat and his mouth strong, with a slightly protruding lower lip. Usually his lips were set tightly closed, but when he laughed, perfect white teeth were revealed. The expression of his countenance could radiate, in rapid and unpredictable sequence, geniality, melancholy, or total oblivion of his surroundings.

Rochlitz was particularly impressed by Beethoven’s smaller but compelling eyes: “His eyes are restless, glowing, and, when his gaze is fixed, almost piercing; if they move at all, the movement is darting, abrupt. The expression of his countenance, especially of his eyes, so full of intelligence and life, is a mixture or a vacillation, sometimes in a flash, between shyness and the most sincere kindness. His whole bearing bespeaks that tension, that restless, careful listening of the deaf, that is so deeply touching… this is the man who has given happiness to millions ‚Äď pure, spiritual happiness”.

The Changing Image of Beethoven: A Study in Mythmaking by Alessandra Comini

Rockel, a singer, wrote of a visit to Beethoven in 1806:

“[In his room] was placed the mighty bathing apparatus in which the Master was laving his powerful chest… and I had the opportunity of admiring his muscular system and sturdy bodily construction. To judge by the latter the composer might look forward to growing as old as Methuselah, and it must have taken a most powerful inimical influence to bring the strong column to so untimely a fall.”

“(…) My father (Stephan von Breuning) married a second time ‚Äď married Constanze Ruschowitz, my mother. Beethoven was also very friendly toward her. He was drawn to women in general, very much enjoying their company. For a time she had the impression that Beethoven wanted to court her. He "chanced to meet her” with conspicuous regularity, and would then accompany her on her way, as for example to the “Kaiserbad” on the Danube, where she was going for her bath. She was not a little surprised when, coming out of the bath more than an hour later, Beethoven would be sitting gon a bench in front of the bathhouse, waiting to accompany her back to the Red House.

Beethoven’s heart was repeatedly “alight with flames of love”, but only in the context of marriage: “Bis ich Dich erlaubt mein nennen darf” (until I’m allowed to call you my own).

My mother sometimes said she couldn’t understand how women could find Beethoven attractive, since he was neither handsome nor elegant; he even looked unkempt and rather wild. My father would always answer: “And yet he’s always had good luck with the ladies”. It was the noble, elevated air about Beethoven that women sensed, whether in friendly or romantic relationships.

As soon as his face brightened in friendship all the winsomeness of childlike innocence spread over it. When he laughed you not only believed in him, but in all of humanity, he was so warm and genuine in word, gesture, and gaze.

The truth about Beethoven is that his basic personality traits were nobility of spirit, tender emotional responses alternating with quick flashes of temperament, distrust and retreat from the outer world and a love of sarcastic joking.

“From the Schwarzspanier House: My Boyhood Memories of Beethoven” by Dr. Gerhard von Breuning (son of Beethoven’s life-long Bonn friend, Stefan von Breuning)

**swoons for Ludwig** 

Behold, William ‚ÄúWild Bill‚ÄĚ Hopson. Not only w…

Behold, William ‚ÄúWild Bill‚ÄĚ Hopson. Not only was he very handsome, he was also a bit of a daredevil. This bad boy was an airmail pilot who broke multiple speed records, and was often reprimanded by his supervisors for his very unprofessional stunts. Because he was so cool (and cute probably) everyone he worked with really liked him, and he always got away with those stunts. Unfortunately when he was 38, his plane, carrying a thousand pounds of mail (including a whole lotta diamonds), crashed. Only about 10 pounds of that mail was recovered and those diamonds weren‚Äôt included in those 10 pounds. Is it a conspiracy? Did he steal those diamonds and fake his own death? Do I daydream about that being true, traveling back in time, and being his sugar-baby? Who knows! But he is a total babe for sure.

This young fella is Krzysztof Kamil BaczyŇĄski …

This young fella is Krzysztof Kamil BaczyŇĄski and my Polish teacher’s crush. He was a Polish poet and Home Army soldier during WW2. He died during Warsaw Uprising (1944) at the age of 23.

This attractive young man is Charles de Gaulle…

This attractive young man is Charles de Gaulle in uniform at Saint Cyr when he was 19 or 20. He may not be very attractive when he grows older but I love the uniform and he is pretty damn fine here. Also, it’s interesting to see how this young man in the picture will turn out, he had written in his journals before seeing him fighting in a great war and commanding tank divisions and thousands of men leading France to victory, he was not to far off for what history had in store for him.

You see, Charles de Gaulle would fight for France in ww1 but get captured and taken to a German POW camp and make 5 failed escape attempts. Later in ww2, he would step up and make an effort to lead his country that was occupied by the Germans by telling the people to resist along with working (or more likely butting heads) with Churchill and FDR. After the war, de Gaulle would help create the 5th French Republic and serve as president from 1959 to 1969 and would die in 1970.

Many people have different opinions on Charles de Gaulle in terms of his behavior and his actions but he is mostly regarded as a hero in France but a pain in the ass for the Americans and British from what I heard. Some people see him as a hero and some people see him as a coward along with other conflicting views on him based off people’s different political opinions and I respect them, also the fact that he was tough to work with and a bit of a narcissist too may have had an effect on how he is viewed.¬†But it is very interesting to see a picture of this attractive young man with only a glimpse of what history has in store for him.

This is Rafiuddin Ahmed (1865-1954), an Indian…

This is Rafiuddin Ahmed (1865-1954), an Indian barrister, journalist, and politician. This handsome devil was a friend of Queen Victoria, who also remarked on how pretty he was. He campaigned for better rights for Muslims in India, and served in multiple posts in the Indian government during the 1930s. This painting was commissioned by Queen Vic, with a Mona Lisa-esque smile on his lovely face.

Nahui Olin (born Carmen Mondrag√≥n). Painter, f…

Nahui Olin (born Carmen Mondragón).

Painter, feminist, artists, poet, activist, model, muse. A truly remarkable woman.

This photograph was taken by Edward Weston.

I made a post about her.

The incredibly dreamy Douglas Fairbanks Jr bef…

The incredibly dreamy Douglas Fairbanks Jr before he grew a mustache (circa 1920s). Son of famous silent film actor/producer Douglas Fairbanks, Doug Junior eventually got to star in classic action films such as A Prisoner of Zenda, Gunga Din and The Corsican Brothers. During WW2 he initiated a military “deception unit”, the Beach Jumpers, served on PT boats and more. Still dreamy.

Leigh Hunt.¬† Journalist, essayist, and poet.¬† …

Leigh Hunt.¬† Journalist, essayist, and poet.¬† Went to prison for two years for calling Prince George “a man who has just closed half a century without one single claim on the gratitude of his country or the respect of posterity."¬† Poetry talent scout who supported Byron, Shelley, and Keats.¬† Father of 10 children.¬† And smokin’ h0t.

Antonio Tamburini (1800-1876), Italian operati…

Antonio Tamburini (1800-1876), Italian operatic baritone