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Two boys with leg braces playing on the swings at the Chailey Heritage School for disabled children in Lewes, East Sussex, May 1960. Photographed by Erich Auerbach.

Kids on swings, Stockholm, 1942.

Care to give me a push? San Diego, 1925.

Folks dancing, ca. 1946 – 1955.

Charlie Ace’s Swing-A-Ling mobile record and recording shop and studio. Kingston, Jamaica, 1973.

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Charlie Ace was one of the Jamaican DJ originals. Following his career as a DJ, in the early 70’s he drove around the backstreets of Kingston in his Swing A Ling Mobile Record Shack, a converted Morris Van. From this mobile shop, he would sell the latest releases, many of them pressed on his own label Swing-A-Ling. He was gunned down in Kingston in the early 1980’s.

Charlie Ace’s Swing A Ling Mobile Record Shack in action.

Child on a swing, Chicago, February 26, 1957

Bradford Evening Star, Pennsylvania, November 18, 1940

Jane Banfield, Vancouver, 1932

Vancouver, August 1940