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Amazing color photos document memories from Parks College, St. Louis in 1969.

Senior Regimental Drummer at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 1951.

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La Ventana: Texas Tech University’s yearbook featured their female students as Playmates for 20 years.

Students at Kent State University face the tear gas launched by the National Guard, shortly before they would be fired on with live ammunition. 4 May 1970

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Group of pharmacy students in front of the Trent Building of the University of Nottingham, 1936.

A multiple flat plate dialyzer at the University of Michigan Hospital, May 22, 1957

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Three young ladies in Lent term, 1933.

36 found photos that show the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania from between 1900 and 1912.

Portraits of African-American students and teachers at Howard University in 1946.

52 pictures show how North Carolina’s cheerleaders have changed for nearly 100 years.