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Did you know that handwritten sheets – called avvisi – circulated among the cities and courts of Europe in early modern Europe after public mail routes became common? They were bought on the streets or by subscription, and had information and news from cities like Warsaw, Paris, and Madrid. They sometimes even had information from further afield such as Ireland or the American colonies. It is hard to understand now, by the once or twice weekly avvisi were a revolution in news, connecting Europeans more than ever before.

One newsletter, dated March 19th, 1588, describes the famous Spanish Armada which sailed against Queen Elizabeth I of England. It was described as having “140 or more sailing ships and eight months of provisions” plus “17,000 combat soldiers and 8,000 sailors.” The same avvisi also discusses the reconstruction of the Rialto Bridge in Venice, and how problems with pilings were fixed on-site rather than being replaced due to the “inconvenience” of closing the Grand Canal.

Benito Mussolini in Venice.1925

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16 glamorous vintage photographs that show celebrities enjoying Venice, Italy from between the 1950s and 1970s.

Ship pier. Venice, Italy, 1958.

DUKW Amphibious vehicles in the canals of Venice, Italy, during World War II. c. May, 1945

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Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy, 1958.

Under the umbrella, Venice, Italy, 1958.

Amusement park in Venice, Los Angeles, California, April 1942.

Wonderful life of Venice, Italy in the 1980s through beautiful found photos.


Venice 1900