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On May 15th, 1976 this photograph was taken by Robin Hood. It shows Vietnam War veteran Eddie Robinson, sitting in his wheelchair with his son on his lap, watching the Chattanooga Armed Forces Day Parade. The Vietnam War had ended almost exactly 1 year earlier.

The photograph won the Pulitzer Prize for photography in 1977.

On December 26, 1971, fifteen Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) activists barricaded and occupied the Statue of Liberty for two days to bring attention to their cause. Simultaneous protests took place at other sites across the country, such as the historic Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia (for 45 minutes) and Travis Air Force Base in California (for 12 hours). VVAW members in California also briefly occupied the South Vietnam Government consulate in San Francisco.

A New York City construction worker punches the glasses off a Vietnam War protester on Wall Street during the “Hard Hat Riot” of 1970.

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Soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division on a boat in Kien Hoa province in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War, 1969

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32 black and white photos that document everyday life of North Vietnam in the late 1960s.

National Guardsmen questioning people at anti-Vietnam War protests at Grant Park during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, 1968

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Photo by Raymond Depardon.

Returning prisoners of the Vietnam War cheer as the US Air Force C-141A “Starlifter” cargo transport aircraft takes off from Gia Lam Airport for the flight to Clark Air Force Base in the Republic of the Philippines. 18 February 1973.

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38 amazing color pictures that capture everyday life of An Loc, Vietnam in 1968.

Policemen guarding the
United States

Embassy in the anti-Vietnam war Demonstration, Stockholm, 1968.

Historical photos of John McCain as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.