Category: vintage car

A dog sitting in a car on the beach of Jekyll Island, Georgia, 1940. Photographed by Ivan Dmitri.

A woman dressed in a pink sweater as she sits in an open-top convertible with her pink dyed poodle behind her, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1956. Photographed by Nina Leen-LIFE.

Man and women having fun near lake, 1960s. Photographed by Tom Kelley.

Toronto, Ontario, September 1961.

An itinerant cowpuncher travels with his wife and dog in Alpine, Texas, 1938. Photographed by Luis Marden.

Boy and Buick, Brooklyn, New York, 1965. Photographed by Danny Fitzgerald.

Parkersburg, West Virginia, February 1940.

Islington, London, 1950. Photographed by Thurston Hopkins.

Taxi drivers outside Grand Hotel, Stockholm, 1940. Photographed by K.W. Gullers.

Lost in thought, Rome, Italy, 1962. Photographed by Bruno Barbey.