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Electric Illumination of the Great White Fleet departing Hampton Roads, Virginia, December 16, 1907. Original is a glass negative; Library of Congress.

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt with members of the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. Virginia, 1933

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40 cool pics of Virginia’s family portraits in the early 20th century.

USS Montgomery painted in dazzle camouflage. February 1, 1918. Norfolk Navy Yard, Virginia, USA.

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Kids preparing for Halloween in Hilton Village, Newport News, Virginia, 1939.

The Times Dispatch, Richmond, Virginia, June 27, 1919

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The Bee, Danville, Virginia, November 14, 1922

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The scene on Norfolk, Virginia’s Granby Street after the unexpected hurricane on Aug. 23, 1933

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The Ajacán Mission landed in Virginia, 1570. The mission was a Spanish attempt to establish a Jesuit mission in the vicinity of the Virginia Peninsula to bring Christianity to the Virginia Indians.


Daily Press, Newport News, Virginia, October 15, 1961