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Wall Street, NYC, 1956. Photographed by Leonard Freed.

A New York City construction worker punches the glasses off a Vietnam War protester on Wall Street during the “Hard Hat Riot” of 1970.

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Wall Street in November, 1918 when Germany surrendered

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Bird’s Eye View, New York Stock Exchange, 1957. Photographed by Marvin E. Newman.

Germany Surrenders – Wall Street, November 7th 1918

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November 7th, 1918. Wall Street, New York, United States

(W.L Drummond / Library of Congress)

Black and white version

Taken exactly at century ago at 1:52pm on Thursday, November 7th, 1918, America prematurely celebrated the end of World War I, four days before the formal declaration of Armistice. Why? Because of a lunchtime conversation between Roy Howard of the United Press and Admiral Henry Wilson of the US Navy, passing on that an armistice treaty had been signed, according to a contact of Wilson’s at the American Embassy. News spread quickly, and soon traders on Wall Street celebrated along with the rest of New York, throwing their ticker tape from every available window onto the streets below. Armistice was formally declared on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, with the United Press receiving scorn from the New York Times for reporting the news prematurely without confirmation.

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Wall Street celebrates after the surrender of Germany in the Great War, marking the end of the conflict, 1918.

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To promote liberty bonds, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. holds up Charlie Chaplin at Wall Street, October 1918. Photo by: Manuel Álvarez Bravo

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A janitor sweeps the floor of New York Stock Exchange following the Wall Street Crash, 1929

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Wall Street Bombing, 1920

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The Wall Street bombing occurred at 12:01 pm on September 16, 1920, in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City. The blast killed 30 people immediately, and another eight died later of wounds sustained in the blast. There were 143 seriously injured, and the total number of injured was in the hundreds.

The bombing was never solved, although investigators and historians believe the Wall Street bombing was carried out by Galleanists (Italian anarchists), a group responsible for a series of bombings the previous year. The attack was related to postwar social unrest, labor struggles, and anti-capitalist agitation in the United States.

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