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30 amazing color snaps of the Spokane’s World’s Fair – Expo ‘74.

WWII G.I waiting at bus stop with his girlfriend to go off to fight the war. According to his granddaughter, he returned home.

First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy and First Lady of Tunisia Moufida Bourguiba Washington D.C , May 1961

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US President Dwight D. Eisenhower riding with Nikita and Nina Khrushchev in Washington on Sept. 15, 1959

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Thought this was an interesting photo. Especially the left hand of tovarish Khrushchev and Mr. Eisenhower’s overall body language.

Here is the source:

“Seeing Washington.” 1900s.

Seattle, Washington – 1904

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Expo ‘74, Spokane, Washington.

Aberdeen Herald, Washington, September 1, 1904

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The Graphic, England, February 9, 1929

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The Tacoma Times, Washington, July 25, 1912

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