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US troops patrol Washington, D.C.’s Seventh Street on April 6, 1968, amid the rioting caused by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

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A man lies down on the AIDS quilt during the 1993 gay and lesbian march on Washington.

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The Herfy’s: fascinating photos documented everyday life at a fast food burger restaurant of Washington in the 1970s.

Pike Place Market

of Seattle, Washington, circa 1916.

4th Avenue of Seattle in the 1930s.


#OTD 9/27/1969 First Ladies Pat Nixon and Mamie Eisenhower with Congressman Gerald Ford and Senator Hugh Scott at a National Federation of Republican Women banquet held at the the Hilton hotel in Washington, DC. (Image: WHPO-2051-18)

Puerto Rican pro-independence nationalist Oscar Collazo lies wounded at the base of the steps to Blair-Lee House, President Truman’s temporary residence in Washington, D.C., after a failed attempt to assassinate Truman .

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Farwest cab in Pioneer Square, Seattle, 1947 (Seattle Municipal Archives)

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Aerial view of the U.S. Naval Gun Factory, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. during the 1936 flood

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“The Potomac and James Rivers, across the continental divide from the Ohio and its tributaries, also suffered severe flooding during mid-March 1936.Potomac River crossings at Harpers Ferry and Shepherdstown, both in West Virginia, and Hancock and Point of Rocks, both in Maryland, were all destroyed. Great Falls experienced what were, as of July 2014, its highest floods on record. Washington, DC saw its airport, Washington-Hoover Airport in Arlington, Virginia, flooded

The effects of the storm also affected the northeast. Waters raged New York and Connecticut, to New Hampshire and Maine. The Connecticut River reached flood stage at 38 feet. 28 people died in Connecticut alone, as Hartford was paralyzed by the rising water. The National Guard was called in to save stranded residents. Significant flooding also occurred in New Hampshire, as the Merrimack River also crested above 18 feet. In total the Storm costs were historical: over $520 Million. (Equalivant to $6.6 Billion in 2015)”

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The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania, February 12, 1936

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