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The deadliest recorded blizzard in history happened in 1974 in Iran. It lasted from February 3rd to February 8th, dropped 26 feet of snow, and entombed the region in temperatures as low as -13 F/-25 C.

When it was over, 4,000 people were dead, and entire villages were gone. Literally. Twenty villages were destroyed and never rebuilt.

A Morris column in the fog, Avenue de l’Observatoire, Paris, 1934. Photographed by Brassaï.

Place de la Nation, Paris, 1930.

Hyde Park Corner, London, October 1938.

The San Bernardino County Sun, California, August 19, 1936

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The Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio, April 1, 1929

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Snowy cemetery, 1950s.

‘Millennia of human activity’: heatwave reveals lost UK archaeological sites:

Ancient farms, burial mounds and neolithic monuments among fascinating finds in Britain and Ireland this summer.

The picture above shows prehistoric monuments and buildings found near Eynsham, in Oxfordshire. The prehistoric outlines have been revealed as crops shriveled in the unusual summmer drought.

Enjoying the snowbank, Quebec, Canada, March 1955.

The Blizzard of 1947 in New York.