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Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, 1963. Photographed by Philippe Halsman.

Sophia Loren hugging Carlo Ponti at their villa, 1964. Photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt-LIFE.

Soldier consoling his weeping wife as he says goodbye at Pennsylvania Station before returning to duty after brief furlough during WWII, 1944. Photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt-LIFE.

129 ‘hilarious’ ways to get a husband, according to a women’s magazine article in 1958.

This 1865 ad of an 18-year-old man looking for a wife is hilarious!

A housewife in the 1950s.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward at home in Beverly Hills, California, 1958. Photographed by Sid Avery.

Marriage advice for young ladies from a suffragette, 1918.

Boris Karloff and his wife Evie in 1946

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Ravaging kiss, 1900s.