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Terracotta head from the city of Ife, potentially depicting a king. The man is wearing an Ife crown. And the subject matter of most Ife art is centered around royal figures and their attendants. So king is a good guess.

Made by the Yoruba of today’s Nigeria, between 1100 and 1300 CE.

Sarah Forbes Bonetta, a West African Egbado princess of the Yoruba people who was orphaned in intertribal warfare, sold into slavery and, in a remarkable twist of events, was liberated from enslavement and became a goddaughter to Queen Victoria. 1860s.

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A free Yoruba-Nigerian man who was a resident of Bahia, Brazil late 1800’s

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Notice the ritual scars on his cheeks, Scars like those were noted on runaway slave posters to assist on identifying runaway slaves. In the south states of North America they were called ‘country marks’.

African Industrialist pioneer James Pinson Labulo Davies and His Wife Sara Forbes Bonetta, a Yoruba noblewoman and goddaughter to Queen Victoria. 1862

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