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Three teenage boys on a street corner, Liverpool Slums, London, November 1956. Photographed by Thurston Hopkins.

Teenage boys hangout on stoop of local store front, 1949. Photographed by Gordon Parks-LIFE.

20 nostalgic portraits of River Phoenix with long hair.

Brooklyn Gang (couple necking in car), 1959. Photographed by Bruce Davidson.

College students kissing at end of date, Madison, Wisconsin, 1939. Photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt-LIFE.

Bob Carlos Clarke’s The Agony & The Ecstasy: Wild photos of young lovers getting off with one another in the 1990s.

Four young men in Florence, Italy, April 1964. Photographed by Ronald Reis.

Candid photographs of teenage girls at Texas beaches during the 1980s.

Vintage photographs show how students celebrated spring break in Texas in the late 1980s.

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