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THE First Labor Strike in History and the Bronze Age Collapse.

This video deals with the first recorded workers strike that took place in Ancient Egypt under Ramses III, this touches on a variety of issues and subjects such as the Bronze Age Collapse and the effect it had on the Egyptian population and economy after the invasions of the Sea Peoples.

MESOPOTAMIA is an ancient region in the Middle East, east of the Mediterranean by the Zagros mountains, between the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates. The name ‘Mesopotamia’ comes from the Greek meaning ‘between two rivers’. The region is now known as Iraq but once included some parts of modern-day Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

SHEILA Hoffman looks at colour in ancient Greek sculpture. Contrary to popular belief, the ancient Greeks actually painted their statues… they were not white! 

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HERO Chronicles take you back to review the greatness of your favorite commanders! In this episode, they take a look at Boudica, Queen of the Iceni tribe and her revenge against the Roman Empire! Boudica is one of the Commanders of the Barbarian faction you can play in Total War: ARENA, she is a ferocious Commander that will use ambush tactics to overcome here enemies.